Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 11: My Thoughts on The World We Want

For week 11, we were asked to post our thoughts on one of two voicethread topics using the knowledge that we've gained on health and development throughout this semester.  This is my posting for the topic "The World We Want".

"One of the biggest things that I've taken away from this course is the importance of increasing human capacity, in other words developing individuals' abilities so that they can care for themselves and their families and contribute to society.  Ultimately, the goal is to get people and countries to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Thinking back to the lecture on leadership and Sen's views in particular on improving circumstances in Africa, it's clear to me that having developed simply throw money at the issue is not the solution.  I tend to agree a great deal more with the views of Dambisa Moyo who believes that change will have to happen from the ground up and that developing nations should be treated as responsible partners in their own development.  Continuously donating money can take away from the incentive to really make things better, especially if they've become reliant on that money.  Instead of continuously treating them like they are in need of handouts, which will likely perpetuate that mentality, wealthy countries should be interacting with them as equal partners on the world stage who have the potential move themselves forward with the right tools (i.e. information, proper governance, infrastructure and well-functioning education and health systems)."


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